How to Read People Poker

jeudi, août 27th, 2009

Poker is a game that requires you to be able to understand what your opponent has in their hand with never seeing their cards. To do this you need to be able read everyone on the table. Each player will have different “tells” that give away the cards in their hand. To learn these tells […]

How to Poker Face

vendredi, août 14th, 2009

You often hear of people referring to another person’s poke face. This term comes about when people do not want everyone in the room to know what they are thinking. Often times this comes about with many professions as they do not want to tip their hat. In poker having a good poker face can […]

How to Play Pro Poker

vendredi, août 14th, 2009

When looking to play like a pro you must be able to step back and evaluate your game. Look at poker as a sport that can be won. In every sport at the top level athletes and coaches go back and watch how they played to see where they can improve. You can do this […]

How to Think Like a Poker Pro

lundi, avril 27th, 2009

Poker pros are very different from the casual player. Instead of looking at poker as a game this is their profession so they need to be much more serious about the game. While people can enjoy their profession the top goal of a profession is to be able to make money. This is the primary […]