Poker Table How To


When looking at the poker table you want to be able to control the action. This is because no matter the cards the one who controls the table will always have an edge. At first the easiest way to do this is to have a large buy in from the start. This will allow players to be intimated by you because of the large stack of chips in front of you. This is just a mental block as you have done nothing to win the chips in front of you. Often times you can discourage other people from being aggressive because they are worried you will call their bet or even re-raise and knock them out of the game.

When looking to control the table it is recommended being aggressive with your betting. Having a large bank roll makes this a lot easier from the start. When you are aggressive from the start many of the conservative players will not want to stay in. This is very common in Texas Hold’em. Often times by placing a large bet off the start you will be able to steal the blinds. If you play your cards right you can do this when you have nothing in your hand.


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