Poker Rules How To


When you start playing poker you will notice that there are certain rules that all players uphold. Some of these rules are just too individual games. On the other hand you will notice that some rules seem to pertain to all different variations of poker games. Some of the rules are written and others are just some that you pick up after playing for a period of time.

First rule is to never discuss your cards or the community cards if they are in play. This is because you do not want to give someone an advantage. You see this apparent when someone flips over their cards when folding. The dealer will show the table the cards so nobody has an advantage. Discussing cards can get you kicked out of many poker rooms. Secondly do not play out of turn. This seems to occur more often in house games when people aren’t focused on the game. This can ruin the momentum of the game for one. Secondly it can alter people’s strategy which can often hurt you as the hand proceeds. Lastly never tell someone else how to bet. This is irritating to the player you are talking to and the players who are awaiting the action.


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