Poker How To


Poker is a game of many different variations. There are simple and complex versions of the game being played worldwide. When looking to play poker you should look at a few of the more popular games to see which one sparks your interest. These games for most will include but not be limited to Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and seven card stud. What you might not know is that almost every poker game is based off of 5 card stud. This is especially apparent when you start refereeing to video poker. You can easily tell with video poker since most games will deal you 5 cards.

When you look at poker you are going to need to first lean the value of each hand. While every game is a little different between betting patterns and card play the value of each will stay the same. Depending on the game there also might be wild cards that make the largest hand larger than in other games. After you know the value of each hand you will have a much better understanding of poker. With this you can then start learning the rules to other poker games. No matter which game you choose they all will have similarities.


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