Poker How to Play


After you have decided on the game of poker you want to try there a few things you should know when learning poker and how to play. First every version of poker is going to have some initial bet. This will come in a form of an ante or blinds. This will start building the initial pot of money up. This is critical to know and will help you from stumbling into an embarrassing situation at first. When dealing the cards you are going to need to know if you are dealing them face up or down. This will depend on the game you are playing. Also many games will use a set of community cards to determine the winner. This is most famous for people playing Texas Hold’em.

After you know these two things you need to understand the pattern of betting. If you do not understand how the betting is processed you can quickly get in over your head. Also know if you are playing in a limit or no limit game when starting off. Playing in no limit games is good for beginners so that they do not lose too much money at first.


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