Poker How to Deal


I have begun to notice that most people do not seem to know how to deal cards effectively. I believe this is because more and more people are playing online. Also you are seeing more and more places allowing casinos so the poker games at friend’s houses are becoming a thing of the past. This makes many people uneasy when it is turn to deal.

First thing to remember is that the dealer will be passed onto the left each game. When it is your turn to deal you need to first shuffle the deck. After this is done you will then need to have the player to the right of you cut the deck. Once this is done deal the cards starting to your left. Depending on the game you will deal out the amount of cards needed. You will deal the cards one card at a time per player. You will go around in a circle remember to include yourself in the deal. Once this is done at the concluding of each round of betting you will need to continue on the dealing of the cards. Depending on the game you are playing you will be dealing community cards or new cards to players.


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