Poker How to Cheat


Most of us have seen movies in were poker players have been caught cheating. They often times come up with hand after hand winning. This makes it obvious for other players that they are cheating. Online poker has given us a new form of cheaters. Online poker has given us hackers who break into the poker site and other people’s computers to find and unfair advantage. Often times it can be way too technical for most people to be able to win at poker this way. So for the sake of this post we will stay away from cheating at online poker.

When most people cheat in poker it is at a house game. Often times it is easier because they use the same deck of cards week after week. When this happens players can hide away a card to come out for later use. They also can purchase the same set of cards and store them away for the appropriate time. Often the most effective way to cheat for players to is when they are dealing. This way they can control the cards that all of the players are getting on the table. For those who are effective at this they can deal players strong hands but make sure to give themselves the strongest so the pot becomes increasingly large.


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