Poker Chips How To


When setting up a successful poker game many times people forget to include the poker chips. In my mind this is one of the most important parts of making a game more popular. With poker chips players are able to buy in for an amount and be able to make bets easier. When players are required to play with cash the amounts are difficult to deal with. This often becomes a problem when players are looking to place blinds or bet the ante. This can be a big distraction and often times takes away from players enjoying the game. This can often times led to an early end.

Also it is good to have varying chips when the buy in is a larger amount. With smaller buy ins such as ten and twenty it is easier to keep the chips at the same value. With larger amounts you can break these chips up. This will make the pot easier to maintain. Also who doesn’t enjoy stacking up their chips in different amounts? Most of us can remember the first time they won a larger chip at a casino. No matter where you are at the larger chips will give a grin on anyone’s face.


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