How to Think Like a Poker Pro


Poker pros are very different from the casual player. Instead of looking at poker as a game this is their profession so they need to be much more serious about the game. While people can enjoy their profession the top goal of a profession is to be able to make money. This is the primary difference between pros and other players.

Most people when they go to play poker and other games are looking for an escape to their normal lives. They also want to win but they are looking to have a good time. You often times see these people talking more at the table than the pros. No place is this more evident than at the World Series of Poker. Often time armatures will irritate the pros as they continue to talk during the game. Also they fail to pay attention to the details of the game. This is when the professionals can take advantage of these players. To think like a pro you need to see poker as a money making activity. This will allow you to block out many distractions. When you block out these distractions you can focus more on the game and winning.


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