How to Teach Poker


There has become a lot of money available in learning how to teach other people how to play poker. With so many new players being drawn to the game there is an abundance of new players looking to learn. Many people think that they have to be great at poker to teach other people. This is highly untrue. You just need to have knowledge in the game of poker. Look at football coaches as an example most of them are not running around making plays anymore. Does that make them less of a coach? Remember those who can’t do teach.

When looking to teach poker start off with the basics for new players. Teach them the values of each hand and which one wins. Move on how to deal and how to bet. This will give people a comfort level with the game. Eventually you will move on to strategy. Do some research to from a strategy that has principals in others and make it your own. You can take pieces from others and make a great strategy to teach to your students. All it takes is one successful player that was taught by you to get much more repeat business.


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