How to Stop Poker


Poker like all forms of gambling can be addicting. For many the game of poker is an escape where they can win some money and enjoy their time. For others the game becomes much more. Without self control playing poker can be a problem for some. When this happens people need to stop playing poker. In the past this was much easier done than it is now. Often time’s people would get out of control on vacation by then go back home and it would be over. With online poker people are able to jump into a game every day. For many this is a great thing but for others it makes life very difficult.

Often times when people have gambling problems it is because of other issues in their life. They mask those problems with gambling and never solve the real problem. When this happens it can be difficult for people to ever truly stop playing poker. There are many hotlines and groups for people to go to when having problems with gambling. Also it is important for friends and family to stand with you if you have a problem with gambling. Remember poker is a game of fun but it should not take over your life.


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