How to Set Up Poker


When setting up for poker there a few things you need to look for. First make sure you have a room big enough for a table and at least ten people. Having room for more will allow players to jump in and out when they are ready. Next you are going to need a table. Any table can do the job but a good poker table will make people want to come back for next time. No matter the table make sure you have enough seats and that players have some separation. When people are on top of each other it makes for a very uncomfortable game.

Next bring a new set of cards. Don’t take the cards that your kids play with to the poker game. A new set will make sure that people don’t get familiar with bends or creases that can give away cards. Next remember to bring chips. This way people will be able to buy in and then place bets easier. Without chips it can be difficult to keep the bets on track. Also when hosting the game you need to have a bank. With a bank people can cash in and out without it becoming a production.


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