How to Read People Poker


Poker is a game that requires you to be able to understand what your opponent has in their hand with never seeing their cards. To do this you need to be able read everyone on the table. Each player will have different “tells” that give away the cards in their hand. To learn these tells you need to pay attention to each player as they play and before it is their turn. The more aware you are you can start picking up suitable movements that can give away their cards.

Often times you can start finding tells by the way each player bets during the game. New players often forget to notice other people at the table and only focus on their cards. This makes them speed up or slow down their play because of the cards in their hand. Once a pattern has been established you will be able to play more affectively. You see this much more apparently in tournament play. Also look to see if people starting talking more or less as they get good cards. When looking to read people it is important to pay attention when you fold your hand. This way you can start looking around without worrying about your play.


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