How to Read in Poker


The game of poker is based on strategy when it comes to reading your opponents. To be able to read other players to you need to pay attention to all phases of the game. To get proper reads it takes time to observe all the interactions other players make while playing the game. Most people think you can only read people when you see them during a game. This is untrue as the best online poker players can still read their opponents even though they never will see their face or hear their voice.

When you are reading opponents first start off by watching how they bet. Often time’s new players will fall in to patterns with bets. This is very apparent as many players will be more aggressive and decisive with their bets when they have a good hand. On the flip side when they have a weak hand they will often time think longer about their bets. This does not always hold true but can be a good start when looking to read players. Also look for little quirks in their personality. Do they like to play with their chips during a hand? Do they start talking during a bluff? These are just some of the tells that people can give away when you are learning to read them.


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