How to Poker Face


You often hear of people referring to another person’s poke face. This term comes about when people do not want everyone in the room to know what they are thinking. Often times this comes about with many professions as they do not want to tip their hat. In poker having a good poker face can win you many hands as players are left confused on what you could have in your hand. A good poker face is important in all games of poker. In games such as 5 card stud a good poker face is essential to win on a consistent basis.

When developing your poker face you need to be in control of your emotions. No matter the cards in your hand you need to show the same emotions each time. This takes away people from being able to read your face when trying to determine your hand. Often times emotional tells are a great way for people to understand the cards in your hand. The practice of a good poker face seems to go away with more people playing online poker. To develop your poker face you need to practice in live games with other players. Controlling your emotions is the start to a successful poker face.


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