How to Play Good Poker


There are many different styles to an affective poker player. Some are more aggressive while others like to play at a conservative nature. The professional poker players all lean to one direction but take a page out of each other’s book to vary up their game. To play good poker you must be able to first keep your emotions in check. By doing this you will be able to limit the amount of tells you have in your game. When this happens players have no clue the cards in your hand.

Eliminating consistency and the tells from your game is important to playing good poker. To do this you might need to venture away from your comfort zone at times. This is because if you are a conservative player you will start giving away that you have a big hand if you bet each time you do. Going in on a bluff will keep players guessing on the cards you have in your hand. Also if you play conservative you have a good chance to win the bluff. Unless one of the players has the top hand they will all be nervous of you. So remember to practice and vary up your play to increase your winnings.


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