How to Play Free Poker


Many people look down on free poker. They see no thrill in the game when they are not playing for money. While other people use free poker in two very distinct ways. The first way is for pure enjoyment of the game. You can often find these players playing very loose as they are just looking for a distraction. The second group is people learning the game and trying out strategies. You often see these people playing the game just as if the fake money was their own. Often times the second group gets very annoyed from people of the first group. This is because they can’t determine if there way of playing is going to work for free money.

When looking for a free game there is two different ways to go. There are sites such as Yahoo that let players play for free on all of their tables. Most of these players are just playing for fun. You also see in many online poker rooms there are free rooms for players to test their software with. I like this way because you get a feel for pay poker rooms and often are playing with people that are used to playing with real money.


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