How to Play Chinese Poker


Chinese poker is a game of poker that is for two to four players. At first each player will be dealt thirteen cards to start. With those thirteen cards each player will make three different sets. This will be two sets of five and one set of three. The 5 card sets are referred to as the middle and the back. The three card set is known as the front. When making these sets there are certain rules. The back must be your highest hand, the front is the weakest and the middle is the middle of the three sets.

Once your sets are made you will place the cards face down in front of them in their sets. The winner of these sets will be determined by normal poker hand rankings. Instead of one player winning the pot though each set of cards are won on their own merit. This means you can lose one of your sets but win the other two. This makes the game confusing at first for many new players. Also the bets are not determined in cash but rather in preset units that represent a certain amount. Chinese poker takes some time to get a feel for the game.


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