How to Play a Poker game


When you look to play poker you are met with many different variations of the game. No worries they are all more similar than you could ever believe. Let us stick with a general overview here so you get a feeling of each game. Before going to play any game of poker you need to understand which hands have what strength. If you are not sure which hand beats which then you will never be able to play effectively.

In poker at the start there is going to be either and ante or blinds bet before the cards are dealt. In games with community cards there will be blinds. When everyone has their own cards there is usually an ante that is bet first to start the game. After you get your cards for the first time this is the best place to start of being conservative. This is especially more apparent when you play games with binds. If you have no money in the pot there is no reason to go chasing a bad hand. Also as you get more experienced you can take advantage of this position. Depending on the game there will be more rounds of betting and more cards be dealt. Understanding these will help you improve your skills as a poker player.


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