How to Host Poker


The household games of poker seem to be a thing of the past. Now often times when players look to host a game often times they are unsure to how to set up the room. The first thing you need is a sturdy table with chairs around for players to use. Without a good table and chairs the game will never last for long.

After you have a good table you are going to need chips and a good deck of cards. It is advisable to have at least one new deck of cards for each poker game you are going to host. This way people aren’t able to be able to learn cards by bends and creases. Also many people tend to neglect the use of chips when playing. Often time’s people think that players will be able to play with dollars and coins. While this can be done it is much more structured when players are using chips. This also will allow players to buy in with the same amount and have a level playing field. This makes it easier with blinds and antes also. Also remember food and beer. No game of poker will go long without those two essentials.


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