How to Hack Poker


With the boom of online poker there has been many people trying to hack in so they can win. All of the top poker sites have gone to great lengths to prevent this from happening. This does not mean they are always successful thought. One of top sites Absolute Poker was hacked a few years ago and players made off with large winnings and never went to trial.

There are two primary things people look to when looking how to hack poker. The first and most valuable is to know what cards are going to be coming up. This takes breaking into the server and being able to read these cards before they are being dealt. This allows players to know if their hand is going to be the highest each time.

The second method is by intercepting the signal to other player’s computers and knowing which cards they have in their hand. This was what was done at Absolute Poker. With this information players are able to determine if they are in a position of strength.

Knowing that these are the ways people are trying to hack poker companies go to great lengths to make their site secure. Remember hacking a poker site is very illegal.


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