How to Draw Poker


With Texas Hold’em and Omaha Poker becoming so popular in poker people have forgotten how to play the draw. Many people have learned the game completely with games that include community cards now. With this they always have a feel of all of the cards in the game. With community cards you can know for sure if you have the best possible cards in the game.

With games that use draw cards players have no idea on what a player is holding in their hand. You use draw cards in games like 5 card stud. This is where you are able to replace cards in your hand. Think of an old west movie with characters playing poker and you will understand what I am saying. With draw poker learning how to read individual players becomes much more important than other games. Also being able to confuse players with your play and interaction is critical in being able to win. Without doing this it is nearly impossible to win at any consistent basis.

With games of poker with draws many players keep all emotions close to the vest. This way there able to control what everyone sees. No matter your way to keep people off balance make sure you stick with it.


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