Becoming a Poker pro


The definition of a poker pro with differ between many people. Some people consider the pros only the ones that you see on television playing on a regular basis. They play at all the big money tournaments and are sponsored by poker companies. On the other hand many people consider poker pros people who play poker for their living. This can be done at casinos or with online poker. Often times these players will not join tournaments but look for games that they can dominate. This allows them to win on a more consistent basis.

At first it can be difficult to start winning enough money to play poker full time. With the explosion of poker though it is becoming easier as more and more tournaments offer big money prizes. If you do not have the money to buy in to these large money tournaments you can win your way in. Winning the buy in is done by playing satellites. Bigger tournaments including the World Series of Poker have 100’s of satellites players can participate in to try and win entry. Once you have made your first big win you are on your way. The best way to make that happen is to practice.


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